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Judge, Jury, and Executioner : Questions on the Legality of Executive Assassination

The Obama administration recently acknowledged its responsibility for the deaths of four American citizens overseas, officially confirming what those who pay attention to such things have known for a long time. Though this provoked pockets of outrage here and there, the outrage never reached the levels generated by, say, the Bush administration’s decision to invade […]

No Middle Ground

Was listening to an excellent podcast on the way back to the hotel tonight and on it the gentleman asked, in my view, the defining question of the National Security era. He asked – “When a Congressman, or whomever’s, oath to the Constitution conflicts with their oath to secrecy, with oath reigns supreme?”  In such […]

The Servile Mind…

Pulled from the commentary on a popular political discussion site… Author : “Governments thrive on expanding their own capabilities at the expense of personal freedom.” Commenter : “Is that like pulling the plug on my 14-year-old daughter’s computer when she’s been on it too long. I couldn’t do that with my oldest daughter because we didn’t have PCs then?” Author : […]

Piers Morgan Figures it Out…Sort of

Apparently, Piers Morgan is finally, FINALLY, beginning to realize the gravity of the situation we find ourselves mired in. I would usually say “credit where credit is due”, but I wont. I won’t because there is no excuse whatsoever for making statements like this – ‘Don’t be ridiculous! Your government won’t turn itself on you’. […]

Connecting the Fascist Dots

Things are changing; slowly, imperceptibly, but certainly changing.  If you choose to read the article you should pay special attention to the term “civil disturbances” and think hard about the implications.  Would the Occupy Wall Street movement fall under that rubric?  Tea Party Rallies?  Acts of mass civil disobedience?  No?  Have you read or listened […]

Levees. Federal Levees.

Have you ever seen the HBO special “When the Levees Broke: A Requiem” directed by Spike Lee? Four hours long. Every minute is worth watching (or at least listening to). Some heroic things here – Coast Guard (who threw all regulations and restrictions out the window), Individual Police, Volunteers and Private citizens. But you’ll notice […]

Conservative Fear

It seems that nothing will convince some of my conservatives friends, and – if Fox News is any indication – the greater conservative movement itself, of the folly of what they’re advocating in the name of national security. Their anger and fear is so absolute, so total, that any attempt to reach them with logic […]