No Middle Ground

Was listening to an excellent podcast on the way back to the hotel tonight and on it the gentleman asked, in my view, the defining question of the National Security era. He asked – “When a Congressman, or whomever’s, oath to the Constitution conflicts with their oath to secrecy, with oath reigns supreme?” 

In such a situation, like for instance, Edward Snowden’s, it’s impossible to honor both. To uphold one oath betrays the other. A choice must be made. And everybody should ask that question of themselves – as we’re all, in a way, in that situation right now. What do I value more? Do I really believe the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land? Or do I believe the supreme law is derived from necessity? For some, the answer comes easy. For others, not so much. Regardless, the choice will either be made by you, or for you. There is no middle-way.


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