The Servile Mind…

Pulled from the commentary on a popular political discussion site…

Author : “Governments thrive on expanding their own capabilities at the expense of personal freedom.”

Commenter : “Is that like pulling the plug on my 14-year-old daughter’s computer when she’s been on it too long. I couldn’t do that with my oldest daughter because we didn’t have PCs then?”

Author : “For every abuse of power we catch, there are thousands they get away with.”

Commenter :  “…Is pulling the plug on my daughter’s computer an abuse of power or an action to protect her own good?”

For this gentleman, who understands his relationship with his government as a father protecting his children…nevermind.  How does one even respond to this?  I tried – consent of the governed…when did relationship invert itself in your mind…who’s authority…blah blah blah.  He hasn’t responded yet, but I already know it’s useless. 

 You know the old saying about us fearing what we don’t understand?  I understand this mindset less than I understand String Theory, meaning – not at all.  Can you even call it a mindset?  Sounds more like programming to me.  Executing lines of code.  Regardless, I’ll never understand it.  I’m incapable of understanding it.  Why men make a conscious choice to surrender their will, their responsibilities, their very lives to other men – men oftentimes much worse than themselves- I’ll never know.  Dogs are great animals.  But why would any human being want to be one?  I don’t understand this “mindset”.  And it terrifies me.


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