Conservative Fear

It seems that nothing will convince some of my conservatives friends, and – if Fox News is any indication – the greater conservative movement itself, of the folly of what they’re advocating in the name of national security. Their anger and fear is so absolute, so total, that any attempt to reach them with logic and reason appears all but impossible. “You care more about the rights of the ‘terrorist’ than the victims…” No you fools! A thousand times no! I care about your rights! And mine! I care about what this country once stood for! And preserving what little remains! Are you so blind that you cannot see the radical transformation that’s taken place in this country before your very eyes?! How can you not see?! “Obama…!” Obama, nothing! We did this! Together! We’re doing it now! This thing started long before this country even knew the name Barack Obama. So who are we to ignore history? And what does ignoring it make us but ignorant, dishonest, charlatans? “American Exceptionalism?” There’s only a handful of reasons why America has ever been exceptional – that distinguished it from the rest of the world, and human history itself. Those words are…Freedom. Liberty. Natural Rights. The Constitution. And that’s it. It’s why we were able to invent electricity, flight, and artificial hearts. “Exceptionalism” it is not found in reciting a pledge of allegiance, the strength of our military, or even our flag. Even the worst of countries can claim some or all of those things. As far as “exceptionalism” is concerned, they mean nothing. But enough. If one can’t understand how threating the rights of the one, threatens the rights of all then by what right do they call themselves a Constitutionalist? Or even an advocate of limited government? Secure AND Free? Cognitive dissonance. A contradiction. Seek understanding. And choose.

“He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.” – Thomas Paine


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