The Threshold

“It’s terrorism. I want them to keep him alive, torture him and get the truth about the terror cells. Then I want a public execution.” – Tonight’s Newsfeed

Such an uplifting moment. A cause for celebration. They got the bastard. He’ll pay dearly for what he did. And rightfully so. And I should end it there. I should just keep quiet. I promised myself I would. But I cannot. I just can’t. And for that, I’ am sincerely sorry. Do and think what you will.

Friends. Don’t you see that the events of the past week, as tragic and heinous as they are, may very well be eclipsed by what has transpired today, and the decisions our government will shortly make on which fate awaits this criminal? Don’t you see friends, that this man’s fate – which wholly depends upon how we citizens choose to administer justice – is intertwined with our own? That the wrong choice will have ramifications and consequences that will reverberate for generations? That it’s not necessarily the bomber’s soul, but the soul of the nation itself, that hangs delicately in the balance?

Have we have come to it at last? Our very freedom at hazard? It appears we have. If the government chooses to treat this American citizen as an ‘enemy combatant’ and we tolerate it, we’ll have flung a cracked door wide open. And the dread specter of totalitarianism, long feared by the makers of this nation, will walk right on through. And in that world, all that’s necessary is for the specter to merely point his crooked finger in your direction and, innocent or guilty, all of your rights are immediately forfeit. “To the gulag ‘terrorist’ – go.” And lest we forget, ‘enemy combatants’ are fair game for assassination. And that’s it. That’s how freedom becomes a history lesson.

We can do this right friends. Justice will not suffer for it. We’ve been through this before. The Unabomber. Oklahoma City. Atlanta. The DC Sniper. Aurora. We had our justice. We healed. Don’t cross this threshold friends. Don’t even think about crossing it. Because once we do, we can’t go back. it took the sacrifice of multitudes of great men and rivers of blood to secure freedom for you and I. Don’t let this tragedy, this fear and anger, this newly spilt blood, threaten what was so dearly bought by those who came before.

“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.” – Thomas Paine


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