On Self-Deception

I’m going to say this one last time, because nothing, and I mean nothing, concerns and mystifies me more than this…To be deceived by another is understandable, we’ve all been deceived at one time or another, and will likely be again. But nothing is more dangerous than self-deception – not simply ignoring the truth, but willfully believing what you know in your mind to be false. Actually, what I’m talking about is beyond self-deception – because not only is the choice made to believe the lie, another choice is made to actively promote it. I’m talking about the promoters of, and apologists for the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan presidential bid. To vote for the ticket because you believe you have no other choice is understandable. To vote for the ticket because the political philosophy embodied in both men’s records appeal to you is also understandable. But when you identify yourself as a “conservative”, “constitutionalist”, or “Tea Party Republican” and choose to not only vote for the ticket, but actively champion these two men as saviors of the Republic, as steps towards “limited government”, “fiscal responsibility”, a return to “Constitutional principles”, and (most appalling) “personal liberty” is not understandable in the least. These men’s records are well known, and not worth repeating again, except to say that it was the style of governance and voting records of these two faux “conservatives” that inspired your beloved Tea Party to take to the streets in the first place. Ironically, their votes and philosophy inspired the Occupy Wall Street movement as well. So when you do this, when you promote and defend these two men as representatives of your own beliefs, even though it’s blatantly obvious that their beliefs are the antithesis of yours, you are essentially making a statement, whether you know it or not, that what you believe is not important to you. Through your willingness to deceive yourself, your render your own beliefs meaningless. And this is why nothing will ever change. This is why you will never see your long-held dreams of limited government and personal freedom realized. You will never see them realized because when it counts, when it matters most, you don’t promote your own beliefs. Instead, you promote men and women who have been chosen for you, who you’ve been told represent what you believe in, even though you know, in both your heart and mind, that it’s simply not true. Rather than face the truth and confront the lie, you choose to deny the truth and believe the lie. This is why, to the politicians, you are nothing more than political fodder – a “tax-paying unit” – a resource to be consumed during election periods and forgotten in the years between. 

Ditto for the Barack Obama apologists, who marched thousands deep, protesting “Bush’s War” and his vicious assaults on civil liberties a few short years ago. Ten minutes of research will tell you that nothing on the foreign policy or civil liberty fronts have changed under his presidency. Not even the economic policy is different. Where all the anti-war protestors? In jail? The silence, as they say, is deafening. 

Maybe we’ll be more truthful with ourselves next election and get this thing sorted out…On second thought, probably not.


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