Internet Censorship – American Citizens Losing the Battle

The rug is being pulled out from under us and we don’t even know it.  And who’s responsible for pushing the censcorship agenda?  Are they Republicans or Democrats?  Eh, why even pretend anymore, we all know that this is and has alway been a bipartisan effort.  It is a calculated, silent assault by the United States Government against the most basic freedoms of it’s own citizens.  This is about control.  Information is one of the most valuable commodities on earth and the free exchange of it via the internet may be the common man’s last chance to hold his would-be rulers in check.  Hyperbole?  Hardly.  Imagine all the wonderful things our government would have “accomplished” were it not for the meddling of troublesome bloggers, internet journalists, and sites like wikileaks.  Now reflect on all they’ve “accomplished” WITH your knowledge.  Now imagine no reporting, no resistance, and no knowledge of the government’s silent aggression against your rights and liberties.  The internet is freedom’s last stand.  The censorship battle is one we cannot afford to lose.

“US authorities are leading the charge as governments around the world pepper Google with more demands to remove online content and turn over information about people using its Internet search engine, YouTube video site and other services”

“Google also took down 640 videos from YouTube that allegedly promoted terrorism, in the second half of 2011 after complaints from the UK police.”

“Google says it increasingly fields requests from government agencies trying to use their power to suppress political opinions and other material they don’t like.”

“It’s alarming not only because free expression is at risk, but because some of these requests come from countries you might not suspect — Western democracies not typically associated with censorship,” Dorothy Chou, Google’s senior policy analyst, wrote in a Sunday blog post.”


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