Mitt Romney – The Keynesian Solution

For all of you pinning your hopes for economic recovery and a reduced deficit on the election of Mitt Romney…

“If you just cut, if all you’re thinking about doing is cutting spending, as you cut spending you’ll slow down the economy.” – Mitt Romney

The progressives agree…

“Back in April we made the argument that a Mitt Romney win would be better for the economy, based on fairly simple logic: A Mitt Romney victory would see higher government deficits, which is just what this struggling economy needs right now to regain full health.”

“If Obama wins, there’s a good chance that we’ll fly off the fiscal cliff, as the political gridlock will see spending cuts kick in, and perhaps even higher taxes.
If Romney wins, not only will taxes stay low, Republicans will drop their opposition to government spending and deficits. That’s because parties in power always support higher deficits and spending. It’s just what they do.”

“We’d love to hear someone say with a straight face that Republicans, if given full power, would seriously stick to their principles of limiting government. Opposing deficits is strictly the purview of the opposition party.”

“So the Keynesian choice is Romney.”

If you believe that stimulus and quantitative easing is all that’s standing between this country and a healthy economy, then Romney’s your guy. Obama’s also your guy, but he just can’t seem to overcome the “gridlock.” Be sure to work real hard to get Mitt elected and let’s kick the spending and government deficits into high gear.


One comment

  1. Scary, because I have been thinking the same thing. I am still going to vote Obama, because I just don’t like Romney.

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