A Short Rant

The aim of the “progressive” movement is to do good with other people’s money. The aim of the neoconservative movement is to do good with other people’s (soldiers) lives. These seemingly divergent ideals have been merged and dominate all government policy. It seems contradictory; that is until you realize that both movements sprang from the same political roots; that they are just different branches of the same tree. Enjoying the results?

“patriotism springs from love of the nation’s past; nationalism arises out of hope for the nation’s future, distinctive greatness…. Neoconservatives believe… that the goals of American foreign policy must go well beyond a narrow, too literal definition of ‘national security’. It is the national interest of a world power, as this is defined by a sense of national destiny … not a myopic national security”. – Irving Kristol

Translated: National security should never be confused with national defense, because “defense” is too limiting a word. “National security” in reality, is whatever we, the (mostly) un-elected elite, believe it to be. And decisions on something as important as “national security” should never be subject to the will of Congress and the people, as proscribed in the Constitution. Trust us. We’re smart. You’ll thank us later.


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